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9 out 10 SaaS founders, leaders and professionals like you want to do something beyond their careers but are struck because of the lack of opportunity and time. That changes today.

Let's make the difference!
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Volunteer 👐, Contribute 🤟and Make a Difference!🤩


Connect with others

Connect with like minded people globally in the SaaS community who want to make a big difference! Meet leaders, trailblazers, pioneers and brave founders who are fighting against all the odds to make the difference!


Contribute with your uniqueness

You have the passion, skill, and the mindset to think, ideate, teach, host, organize, mentor, manage, encourage, research, improve, enable, create and so much more... Bring it on, this is space to splash your DNA!


Create awesome experiences

Join us at SaaS Industry to create experiences that are real, resonant, and relational. We truly believe that you can make a difference in planning, hosting, organizing and engaging SaaS peeps at scale.


Shape and create an impact

We want to affect society at large by partnering with awesome not for profits who are remarkably changing the world! Join in and let's make the impact.


Billions powered by SaaS

SaaS is changing the way, it's making life easy, simple, smarter and intuitive, we believe the adoption can be better and larger - B2C, Not-for-profits, Education and so many more sectors can benefit greatly. That's our mission.... Join us in making this a reality!

In addition to an awesome experience, You also get access to

Our premium hosted

We host summits, roundtables, forums and festivals for SaaS founders, leaders and professionals and you get access to them.

Exclusive monthly events

We will also host events just for you! Bye to always being behind-the-scenes and hello to active participation, learning and connecting.

Annual festivals/trips organized for you

Woot! Woot! Camping we will go! ⛺️ We believe in building a community for life. Let's journey together, we mean in literal sense!

Goodies, swag and much more

Oh Yeah! Sweet goodies and swag that will get your friends jealous. Ask them to join this movement and they get to access this as well 🙌🏼

Make this one life count

Grow with a community

Two words review of #SaaSforGreaterGood AWESOME EXPERIENCE 🙌. And a prediction: it will become the default place millennials go (back) to throughout their career to start/explore what's next.

Love the vibe here at SaaSforGreaterGood, my ideas and thoughts were valued here.

Joining this community is like getting access to amazing mentors and people.

Worked with an environment NGO, throughly enjoyed the experience working with them.

Social education has been great here at #SaaSforGreaterGood

Social education is the new thing 🔥 , this place is lit with sharp minds and geat hearts!

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